Researches have shown that there are a lot of kefir benefits for the digestive system particularly with metabolism and it has beneficial and healthy properties. It has been recognized to have curative properties of anti-fungal as well as antibiotic. It has extensivehealing properties for metabolic disorder, cleansing for poor digestions, allergies, atherosclerosis, tuberculosis, cancer, hypertension, osteoporosis and even HIV. Moreover, the kefir also has calmative or relaxing effect for the nervous system since it is so opulent in calcium and magnesium that soothes the nerves. If in case you are considered to be a lacto intolerant individual, you can drink Kefir with zero difficulty or problems.


Kefir isabsolutely an amazing source of enzymes, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. It has all the necessary protein that is so vital for healing. If you have sleeping problems, chronic fatigue, ADHD or depression, you will benefit the most since it has tranquilizing effect.  Kefir would also work best for those who are pregnant and lactating women as they can be so much nurtured with Kefir. Kefir would also be favorable for diabetics since it has the desirable non digestible sugar. Spectacular is it not? Furthermore, bodybuilders and athlete must also consider Kefir consistentlywith their diet for an amazing stamina. Kefir does not only nurture the body but it also aids to balance the body by eliminating the unhealthy food cravings. Just like yogurt, Kefir is a type of cultured milk products that amazingly works for our body; it has antioxidant products that could professionally protect the cells from aging and toxic of the body. There are indeed superb benefits that our body have get from the Kefir!

Kefir is indeed a milk drink that has been fermented. Kefir comes from a Turkish word which means good feeling. It is also known as kephir, kiaphur, kefer, knapon, kepi and kippi. This kind of drink has been originated from the shepherd who carries their milk in the Caucasus Mountains; it has been fermented into fizzy sour yoghurt or soured milk and carried into a leather pouch. The Kefir can appear in form of cream colored cauliflower florets or simply small transparent grains.




Before we get to the benefits of water kefir grains, we must first get to know what they really are. Water kefir is different from  milk kefir in several different ways. While they are both made from kefir grains, there are certain factors that make them different from each other. One of the most obvious difference between these two is their appearance. Milk kefir grains are white and is cheese-looking. It also has a slimy texture. Water kefir grains, however, are translucent and break apart rather easily when under pressure. Another notable difference is that water kefir grains feed on sugar while  milk kefir grains feed on lactose.


Water kefir grains contain a vast collection of good bacteria and other beneficial yeasts. In addition to this, they also contain a couple of enzymes, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Water kefir grains can supply a substantial amount of good bacteria that can counter the rather negative effects of bad bacteria; specifically the ones that are on our digestive system. Having too much bad bacteria on  your digestive system can lead to countless complications, illnesses and diseases. Water kefir grains can be a great alternative for your daily supplement of probiotics. If you think about it, you can even save a lot of money in the long run if you take water kefir grains instead.


Since water kefir grains feed on sugar, it can also help you avoid diabetes and other complications related to it. People who have high sugar will definitely find taking water kefir grains to be highly beneficial. The finished products of these water kefir grains will usually come as a carbonated beverage. This, in turn, can be a very handy alternative to soda drinks. In short, both children and adults will be able to enjoy it as if they are drinking soda.